Tag Line
“A god had brought them together...music will bring them to life."
Log Line

"There exists a universe parallel and twin to our own, composed only of noises, sounds and music -- the universe of Sound. But a dark, evil and corrupt entity, The Ghost, threatens to destroy it completely. Its power comes from silence, from the complete absence of sounds, noises and music. The Ghost uses it to corrode souls and destroy the hopes of every living being. The first effects of this apocalypse are beginning to be seen in our world as well...However, a lighthearted and mischievous spirit from the Sound Universe crosses the portal between the two worlds and appears in ours in the form of a talking Boombox radio (Boom). Radio meets a student named Pepi, who will soon be involved with her friends in a fantastic adventure at the edge of two worlds. Pepi will discover that she has a unique connection to the Sound universe, exceptional empathic gifts, and along with Stella, Marco, Alex, Felix, Boom herself, and incredible new characters, that she has the power to change her and our reality."

References in serial television

We target audiences as the viewers of the following TV series:

  • Stranger Things
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Boris
  • Fleabag
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Fringe
Crossmedia and Storytelling

In the development of the series there could be crossovers with art (the episodes featuring The Niro) and interludes with metacinematic commentary by youtubers such as Caleel, Victorlaszlo88, and Rob McQuack.

It is not ruled out that in a broader use of emotional Storytelling there will not be an intervention in horizontal plot of the same.

List of episodes from the first season :

Episode 0 (Pilot) - "Boombox (The God of The Dance)"

Episode 1 - "The Dynamics of the Tuft in the Cappuccino"

Episode 2 - "The Popcorn Indeterminacy Principle"

Episode 3 - "Wednesday at Professor Zeta's Secret Base"

Episode 4 - "Mulder, Ypsilon...and Klingon!"

Episodio 5 - "The String of the Boson in Love"

Episode 6 - "The Facts that happened at Zen & Sushi Week"

Episode 7 - "The Puppet and the God of the Dance"

Episode 8 - "It's Time to Get Out of Here"